Single-Slot, 1U Custom Chassis

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Rigel's CU1500 Single-slot 1U Custom chassis designed for a customer-specific 19" rack mount application.

The original requirement was a 2-slot CompactPCI chassis (CP1500) with a feature-rich and IO-specific PowerPC single board computer (CP4200). We designed that system for them while requiring no NRE.

However, the CompactPCI solution was not very cost-effective as it required a 2nd board in the system and a cPCI backplane when only power was required. During software development and long before going into production, to reduce costs we suggested incorporating the 2nd board's logic onto the SBC, design a custom backplane and chassis that only provides the required system power. By doing this, we saved the customer a significant amount of expense, shortened production lead times and increased product reliability all while simplifying the system. Again, no NRE was charged.

  • Single-slot Backplane for Power
  • Standard 300W Power Supply
  • 3 Monitored Cooling Fans with Front Panel Warning LED
  • Rear +12V DC for External Switch

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