Rugged 6U VPX Dual PMC, XMC, MiniPCIe Carrier w/ Vita 46.6 Ethernet (GbE) Switch


VP3500 – Rugged XMC, PMC Carrier for VPX

Rugged 6U Open VPX Dual PMC, XMC, MiniPCIe Carrier w/ 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Switch

Status: Full Production
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Rigel’s VP3500 Open VPX 6U carrier card is the most flexible and feature-filled Open VPX carrier in the embedded industry. It allows system designers to greatly expand system IO capacity while reducing overall board count and system cost. It is available in air-cooled or rugged, extended temperature, conduction-cooled models for harsh environments.

The VP3500 features two PMC and XMC slots, it also provides two MiniPCIe sockets to satisfy practically any VPX system IO requirement. The PMC, XMC IO may be accessed via the front panel or the VPX back-plane. Pluggable IO modules allow for standard PMC and XMC differential and single-ended IO routing (Vita 46.9) plus the flexibility for custom routing options to the back-plane. Additionally, a MiniPCIe IO adapter card can interface practically any MiniPCIe card IO to the VPX backplane. MiniPCIe IO is also available on the front panel.

What sets the VP3500 apart is its integrated 5- port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch. The switch is configured with Open VPX standard Vita 46.6 routing to the back-plane. It supports two 1000BASE-T and two 1000BASE-BX ports. The 5th port is routed to the back-plane on user IO pins and may be used as a maintenance port.

The on-board management micro-controller allows continuous communication between the VPX system controller and the VP3500. The micro-controller configures the VP3500 options and monitors the on-board power supplies as well as ambient board temperature. The micro-controller reports status and responds to system controller commands.


  • Four 4-Lane Gen 2 VPX PCIe Ports (4x FAT Pipes)
  • Two Independent PCI-X 133MHz PMC Slots
  • Two 8-Lane Gen 2 PCIe XMC Slots
  • Two MiniPCIe Sockets (Half-Mini and/or Full-Mini Card)
  • MiniPCIe IO Accessible via the Front Panel or Backplane
  • Integrated 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch (Vita 46.6)
  • On-Board Microcontroller for VP3500 Configuration, Control and Status Monitoring
  • Configurable PMC and XMC Rear IO (Vita 46.9) via IO Module
    XMC – X38s to P3/P5, X12d+X8d to P4/P6
    PMC – P64s to P3/P5
    Custom Routing
  • On-Board Status Monitoring and Indicators
  • VPX P0 I2C Busses for Control & Communication
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Configurable VPX and board Reset Generation via SMB Command, XMC or Board Power Fail
  • Board Power Down via SMB Command or External Signal
  • Air-Cooled and Rugged, Conduction-Cooled available
  • Rigel’s Standard 3 Year Warranty

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