Design and Manufacturing


Rigel Engineering provides complete turn-key design and manufacturing services to meet your project requirements and schedule.

Our Services Include:

Review of MRD:

Rigel Engineering reviews your Marketing Requirements Document, then meets directly with you to vet the feature set for cost savings opportunities and technical optimization.


Rigel Engineering will provide a fully compliant proposal for review and modification. We understand the “feature creep” nature of requirements development and will work with you to make necessary modifications in real time.


Rigel Engineering provides the design for review and approval. Your engineers work directly with Rigel engineers to optimize the design.


Rigel Engineering manages the manufacturing process, providing quality, turn-key design and results.


Rigel Engineering fully tests each product ensuring it meets our rigorous quality standards and reliability.


Rigel Engineering ships the product to meet your prototype and production schedules.


You will always have full access to our engineers and technical staff long after the product has shipped.