Chief Executive Officer

Lee StevensLee Stevens started his career in the electronics industry as a technician at Modular Computer Systems (MODCOMP) in February of 1980. His early experience ranged from troubleshooting and repairing the legendary Classic “JAWS” power supply, memory products, various peripheral controllers and CPUs.

In 1983 Lee was granted his request to move over to MODCOMP’s Special Systems division where he learned to “work on anything electronic”. During his time in Special Systems he gained valuable systems-level and customer experience while being sent out to repair or install several computer systems on site. He also learned one of the most valuable lessons in business, which he carries with him to this day, to design, build and thoroughly test the product the customer wants, period.

In 1986 he was offered an Engineering position at the then recent start-up Telematics, International. It was an exceptional opportunity to work with the extremely talented and seemingly tireless Engineering team. Lee stayed with Telematics until 1989. He then decided to follow his dream and start his own design consulting business.

In 1990 Lee founded Orion Technologies, Incorporated, the focus of which was to design custom electronic products for customers in the embedded and industrial marketplace. After several years of working with companies such as Lucent, Cisco, Computer Products and Heurikon to name a few, he changed the company direction from design only to producing and testing the products as well.

By the mid 2000s, the company grew to several million in annual sales. Lee continued to grow the company as CEO until 2011, when it was sold to make room for his next challenge.